Immerse yourself in the incredible waters of Formentera and enjoy a unique experience. In the Marine Reserve dels Freus of Ibiza and Formentera you can discover all the marine fauna and flora of the Pitiusas Islands. A unique excursion for those who want to know the Mediterranean and its wide biodiversity.

HELIX RENT A BOAT makes available to residents and visitors, informative and educational ecological excursions on the seabed and, in particular, the importance of the preservation and conservation of the meadows of Oceanic Posidonia.

It is vitally important to raise awareness in tourism, and especially in nautical tourism, of the importance of the conservation of this ecosystem of great biological diversity.

Provide information about the marine area of ​​Formentera and Ibiza and the need to ensure the proper management of this space and the favorable conservation of seabirds that justify their incorporation into the Natura 2000 Network, such as the Mediterranean Cinderella Pardela, the Balearic Pardela, the Mediterranean moñudo cormorant and the Audouin seagull, among others. What defines this habitat as of great ecological interest that, among other aspects, is fundamental for the feeding of certain seabirds, both native and migratory of regular presence.

These excursions, lasting one hour, will be carried out in our Subcat S-30 submarine-catamaran, with capacity for 28 passengers, with a base port in Marina de Formentera and their destination will be EL ARCO, between Punta Rasa and Punta Gavina , within the Marine Reserve dels Freus. A unique experience enjoying the underwater world and offering a new dimension of the island of Formentera.

El Arco is the place to see the largest amount of marine fauna that exists in Formentera, as well as spectacular colors on the seabed. These two attractions make it one of the most demanded and recommended dives.

The name of this incredible place comes from its structure, where several submerged rock arches are found. This spectacular seascape also attracts many photography lovers who go deep to get the best snapshot.

It is also a recommended dive if you are starting in the world of diving, as it is done on a platform of 20 meters maximum, and is widely used for diving baptisms, as it is comfortable and quiet for users. In this marine paradise you can find octopus, spider fish, groupers, corvallos, anemones, nudibranchs and numerous crustaceans, among other species.



Puerto Deportivo Marina de Formentera, local 6, La Savina – Formentera (Islas Baleares)
Lat. 38º 44′ 2″ N / Long. 1º 24′ 55″ E
Telf. 0034 638 11 87 80

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